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Use Rule of the Hotel's facilities


Please look after the following rule based on accomodation clause Article 10 to visitor of the use to secure publicity and safety of B&B Hotel Hyochoan (hereinafter referred to as “the Hotel”).



1, We decline smoking in the building firmly.


2, Not bringing the following thing into corridor and the accommodations.

(1) Give off animal, birds

(2) bad smell

(3); ignition or flammable dangerous materials

(4) Gun, carry-on of swords

(5) Photography without permission


3, You disturb gambling and public morals, and do not do act troubling another person.


4, Do not use accommodations without permission for purpose except accommodation.


5, You invite stranger in the accommodations, and do not let them use facilities in the accommodations, articles.


6, You do not move facilities in the accommodations, articles to other places or machine, and do not change the present conditions.


7, Do not leave personal effects in corridor or lobby.


8, Accounts are deposit and ask, but please pay if there is the presentation of "incidental facility charge that we used" or "extension rate" than in the case of departure or the front each time.


9, Cash, [management of valuables] staying become self-administration of visitor.Because we cannot take responsibility about loss or theft of valuables at all, thank you for your understanding.


10, Storage of custody thing and thing left behind should be one month after departure.


11, About case that might be against gang and gangster and public order.


(1) Please refrain from the use of our hotel such as designated gang by "law (the March 1, 1992 enforcement) about prevention of unfair act by gangster" and designated gangster. (when the fact becomes clear during after reservation or the use, we decline the use at that point.)


(2) Please refrain from this hotel use of anti-society group and member of anti-society group (including gang and radical action group and the member). (when the fact becomes clear during after reservation or the use, we decline the use at that point.)


(3) When violence, threat, blackmail, coercive injustice demand and act to be similar to this are accepted, please refrain from the use of our hotel promptly. In addition, please decline about one where was ever made similar act.


(4) When diminished capacity, medicine, ensuring safety of oneself including missing self by drinking are difficult, and it is admitted that we might give danger and a sense of fear, jitters to other visitors, person using our hotel declines the use promptly.


(5) Of act to give others loathsomeness in loud voice, loud singing and act and others that is the noise in in hall and guest room, and to give nuisance, and to be against gambling and public order and morals again when there is, decline the use promptly.


(6) When there is act to be similar to each other matters mentioned above, we decline the use.


Creation 1th Apr. 2014

B&B Hotel Hyochoan

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