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Accomodation clause


Article 1. (coverage of this article)

Accommodation contract that our hotel concludes between hotel guest and contract in conjunction with this shall depend on place to establish of this article and, about matter which is not established in this article, shall depend on laws and ordinances or custom that generally was established.When we accepted special contract as far as our hotel is not against laws and ordinances and custom, regardless of rule of foregoing paragraph, the special contract shall take first priority.



Article 2 (refusal of accommodation undertaking)

In the case of next, our hotel may decline undertaking of accommodation.

  1. When application for accommodation does not depend on this article.

  2. When it has no room for the accommodations by the crowdedness.

  3. When it is admitted that person who is going to stay might do act against rule of laws and ordinances or public order or good manners and customs about accommodation.

  4. One where is made one

  5.  tattoo recognized as drug poisoningWhen it is admitted that person who is going to stay is dermatopathia or infectious disease clearly.When, about accommodation, money and special burden were found.When we cannot let you stay by natural disaster, trouble of facility and other unavoidable reasons.When it was admitted that person who was going to stay might give nuisance to other hotel guests in inebriates remarkably or when hotel guest did act to give nuisance to other hotel guests remarkably.



Article 3. (notices such as full names)

When accommodation ahead of accommodation date takes application, our hotel establishes time limit and, for applicant of the reservation, may demand notice of the next matter.

  1. Address,

  2. full name,

  3. age,

  4. sex,

  5. occupation,

  6. phone number of hotel guest.

  7. Matter which admitted that our other hotels were necessary.



Article 4. (Advances Received)

  1. When we take application for reservation, we receive the front, and our hotel may demand payment of money.

  2. When we correspond when next article determines, deposit of foregoing paragraph allots to cancelation cost of the article and returns if there is the remainder.



Article 5 (cancellation of reservation)

When applicant of reservation canceled all or a part of the reservation, our hotel charges cancelation cost by cancelation cost remarking tray rule to determine particularly.Day in response to notice of contract cancellationTwo days agoThe day beforeOn the dayNon-nightThe cancelation cost ratio for the basic hotel charges50%100%100%100%

  1. When we do not arrive even if hotel guest does not inform of our hotel, and it is at (the time that passed for one hour at the time when it was stated the planned time of arrival clearly beforehand) at 1:00 a.m. of the day on accommodation date, we consider that the reservation was canceled and may process.



Article 6. (Authority of the reservation cancellation)

  1. We remove case to determine elsewhere, and, in the case of next, our hotel can remove reservation.

  2. When we would correspond by the seventh from Article 2 third.

  3. When when we demand meitsuge of matter of Article 3 first, by time limit, those matters are not performed meitsuge of.

  4. When we demand payment of deposit of Article 4 first, the payment cries by time limit.

  5. When we canceled reservation by rule of foregoing paragraph, we return our hotel if there is deposit which already did toriju about the reservation.



Article 7. (registration of accommodation)

Hotel guest, please register the next matter on the day in the front desk on accommodation date.Matter of Article 3 firstThe departure date and the timeIn foreigner, it is stay place in passport number, Japan in land and the landing date, pre-night.Matter which admitted that our other hotels were necessary



Article 8. (check-out time)

We do with 11:00 a.m. in our Hotel check-out time of hotel guest.When our hotel is beyond check-out time regardless of rule of foregoing paragraph for circumstances of visitor and is used the accommodations, we charge additional charge by rule.



Article 9 (payment of rate)

Please pay payment of rate by credit card which currency or our hotel accepted in the front desk.When we do not stay optionally after hotel guest started use of accommodations, we charge the hotel charges.



Article 10. (strict observance of use rule)

Hotel guest, please obey use rule that our hotel established.



Article 11. (refusal of accommodation continuation)

In the case of next, even average may decline continuation of accommodation during accommodation period when we took our hotel.When we would correspond by the seventh from Article 2 third.When we do not obey acceptable use policy of preceding article.



Article 12 (responsibility of accommodation)

When we registered accommodation in the front desk or when house either when we entered the accommodations is early, responsibility about accommodation of our hotel begins and is over when we opened the accommodations because hotel guest leaves.



Article 13. (Disclaimers)

Responsibility is not due even if we put our hotel when the damage occurred to hotel guest because of fire or quarrel when it is not thing which the damage produced by reason that should come to responsibility of our hotel.



Article 14. (Damage claim)

When the damage occurs to facilities of our hotel and equipment because of responsibility of visitor, we demand amount of money of actual expenses equivalency.



Article 15 (Safe confirmation)

For emergency, please confirm position of emergency staircase by all means.


creation 1th Apr. 2014

B&B Hotel Hyochoan

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