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About starting of our hotel reservation after April 1 2015.

Michio Tatsuno January 2015


Reservation after April 1 2015  is begun soon.


Driver’s Licenses

Michio Tatsuno December 2013

Information on the Japanese Translation attached to Driver’s Licenses issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco and Taiwan


In accordance with the revised Road Traffic Law effective December 1, 2013, the Republic of Slovenia and Principality of Monaco were added to the list of designated countries included in an agreement for driving in Japan with a Japanese Translation. This means that a holder of a driver’s license issued in the said countries is permitted to drive a vehicle in Japan by carrying the original driver’s license and its Japanese Translation. Also, the Italian Republic, which was one of the designated countries in the agreement, was excluded from the list on the same day, following its decision to issue International Driving Permits based on the Geneva Convention.---

Josef Molnar



​Michio Tatsuno August 2013

---<The first encounter with JOSEF MOLNAR and B&B Hotel Hyochoan>---

It is a beginning that JOSEF MORNAR stayed in the Hyochoan (the rental vacation cottage) of Karuizawa in about 1956.

He stayed in the Hyochoan with Shintaro Fukuzawa (grandchild of Yukichi Fukuzawa) and Acrivy Fukuzawa (soprano singer) married couple, Sachio Fukuzawa (former model, former racer) of the eldest son.

It is the first encounter with JOSEF MOLNAR and B&B Hotel Hyochoan.



Origin of Hyochoan

Michio Tatsuno December 2013

A drifting bird hermitage is the thing which Tadayuki Tatsuno named it when he of the founder opens Shinshu soba restaurant in the present location in about 1960.

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