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Use Rule of the Internet Room Reservation System


This is the Regulations of the Internet Room Reservation System (hereinafter referred to as “the System”) of B&B Hotel Hyochoan (hereinafter referred to as “the Hotel”).


We request that the Customer reads throughly and agrees with the Regulations indicated below in using the System.



Article 1. (Compliance with Basic Requirements)


(1) In using the System the Customer shall comply fully with the laws, regulations of Japan and public order and standards of decency as well as generally accepted rules of etiquette, technical rules and ethics concerning the use of the Internet.


(2) The Customer is strictly prohibited from using the System to charge fees or conduct any profit-seeking business or operation whatsoever, without getting permission. (3) When receiving various services through use of the System, the Customer shall also strictly comply with any related rules and regulations separately stipulated by the Hotel.



Article 2. (Measures when it is against a basic matter)

If the Customer uses the Internet in violation of the intent of Article 1. stated above, in a way that the Hotel deems to result in damage to the good name or credit of the Hotel, obstruction of the Hotel’s operations, obstruction to the operation of the System, or the inconvenience or disadvantage of any third party, the Hotel may prohibit the Customer from using the System or any facilities of the Hotel, and may hold the Customer liable for damages.



Article 3. (The use environment of the customer and influence)

If the System does not operate correctly for the Customer due to the operating environment, settings or other conditions of the Customer’s terminal(s) that are not caused by the System, the Hotel bears no liability whatsoever.



Article 4. (Use condition of our system)

The System may only be used by the Customer who has consented to the terms of these Regulations. The Customer is deemed to have consented to these Regulations at the point when the Customer access to the System.



Article 5.(Self-responsibility of the system use)

In using the System, the Customer is solely liable for the Customer’s own actions and for any actions taken using the Customer’s e-mail account(s) whether committed by the Customer or not. The Customer shall also be liable for resolving any issues arising with any third parties, except in cases where the Hotel is at fault.



Article 6 .(Cancellation or Change of Reservations)

When the Customer wish to change or cancel the Hotel reservation, the Customer can either access to the System or take contact with the hotel directly via e-mail.



Article 7. (Payment responsibility of the cancellation fee)

The Customer is, for any reason, responsible for the reservation cancellation. The Hotel shall hold the Customer liable for a cancellation charge stated in the Hotel’s Accommodation Agreement.



Article 8. (Change of the Internet Room Reservation System)

The content and operations of the System are subject to change without an advance notice to the Customer as and when the Hotel deems necessary. The Customer is asked to verify these Regulations when using the System.



Article 9. (Temporary use interruption)

In any of the following cases, the Customer’s use of the System shall be temporarily suspended without an advance notice:


(1) When the Hotel deems it necessary to suspend operation of the System for construction or maintenance, or for the Hotel’s own reasons.


(2) When a natural disaster or an unforeseen situation happens.



Article 10. (Handling laws and ordinances of our system)

The System is complied fully with the laws and regulations of Japan. Handling of Customers’ personal information is as stipulated in the separate Privacy Policy.



Article 11. (Application and change of our system)

(1)The content of the Regulations stated above may be revised when the Hotel decided necessary or when a change in social or economical situation took place.

(2)The Regulations stated above is effective from 1st Apr., 2014 (B&B Hotel Hyochoan).

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