The indication by a law of Japan

Entrepreneur     Hyochoan

Service name     B&B Hotel Hyochoan

Marketing manager 

                            Representative  Michio Tatsuno

Location               2147-742 Nagakura KARUIZAWA-machi

                             Kitasaku-gun, NAGANO-pref. JAPAN

                             Post-Code: 389-0111

Price List              It is indicating by the price list of the reservation screen. 

The date of payment and method of a price

        (1)A charge is liquidated in the hotel : Cash(JPY), Credit card

        (2)A fee is transferred to the bank account before stay.

                                 We will tell you our account number by e-mail.

The payment deadline

                            Before check-out

Prior cancellation   After having offered staying service,

                                 we cannot cancel staying service and the price.

Subsequent cancellation

                             When you cancel a room reservation just before that,

                             please be careful because a cancellation fee may occur.

Method of the room reservation

                          (1)The direct reservation site on the homepage

                          (2)The reservation site of the travel agent where we entrusted.

                           / Rakuten / /Jaran-net etc

                          (3)Method to make a reservation directly to a hotel

           Phone / E-mail / Mail / Front dest

contact details   B&B Hotel Hyochoan

                            412 Sengataki-Nakaku, KARUIZAWA-machi,

                            Kitasaku-gun, NAGANO-pref. JAPAN Post-Code:389-0111

                            Representative Michio Tatsuno

                            TEL       81+(0)267-45-5592

                            e-mail : 

The associated law



the participating organizations

        (1)Nagano Ryokan/Hotel Association

                            (2)Karuizawa Ryokan Association

                            (3)Association of Saku food hygiene

food hygiene supervisor / Chef :  Mikio Tatysuno


Creation date 1th Apr. 2014

B&B Hotel Hyochoan